Man Holding Pipe

At Castroville Plumbing & Heating, our highly trained and experienced technicians can work on sewer lines including:

  • Sewer Line Repair

  • Sewer Line Replacement

  • New Sewer Line Installation

  • Video Inspection & Recording

  • Sewer Line Unclogging

Signs of a Sewer Line Stoppage or Leak

Early detection of a sewer line problem such as a stoppage or leak, can save you a lot of money down the road. Some of the signs of a leak include foul odors, flooding under home or in backyard. Along with signs of a leak, signs of a blockage can be toilet or shower slowly draining, fluids backing up into the shower or sink, and a flood in yard. So if you suspect that there may be a blockage or leak call the professionals at Castroville Plumbing and Heating!

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