Kitchen sink disposals are standard in most modern kitchens, and it’s often hard to imagine what food clean-up would be like without a garbage disposal.

Here are some interesting facts about garbage disposals:

  • Garbage Disposals do NOT chop food, they grind them/

  • Most people believe that garbage disposals have “blades” inside of them which chops the food up and sends it down your drain; however, that is not true. Garbage disposals use teeth like objects that grind your food and make the food small enough to flow down your drain. (THIS DOESN’T MEAN IT IS SAFE TO PUT YOUR HAND DOWN THE DISPOSAL THOUGH!)

  • Not All Food Items Can Go Down the Drain

  • While it seems that your disposal should be able to handle large amounts of food, it is actually designed to only handle “Food scraps”. Objects like pits, seeds, popcorn kernels, bones, etc., CANNOT go down your garbage disposal or they will jame the disposal.

There are many types of garbage disposal ranging from 1/3hp to 1hp and Castroville Plumbing is trained to work and install all of them.

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